Moto Voyager

Story of my life

My story tells how important in our lives coincidence is.

It was the year 2006. I had then a small production plant located in the village of Kanie - a station near Lublin. I lived permanently in Rybnik, so the company was managed by my cordial friend Sławek. In summer, Slawek went for a vacation to Egypt, where he unfortunately got pulmonary embolism and died.

This tragedy forced me to immediately come to the factory to sort out all the affairs. On the spot, we organized a corporate meeting where we talked about Sławek. Late in the evening, a colleague who was temporarily in the village, but permanently residing in the United States, came to visit me. Witek, because it was his name, after a few glasses, asked the question: "what about the motorcycle?". Disoriented, I asked: "what motorcycles do you speak of?".

The day before leaving for the vacation, a beautiful Honda Shadow 750, which Sławek ordered from Witek, arrived at his place. This motorcycle was his big dream. He just managed to watch it, and wanted to take a ride after his return. Unfortunately, he did not have the chance.
As soon as I saw the motorcycle with my own eyes, I decided to buy it.

And here my motorbike adventure begins…

After making that decision I went to sleep. It was only in the morning that I found out that I did not even have a motorbike license, and I never sat on a motorbike. I asked myself: "what the f... do you need this motorcycle for...?". But I had made the decision and there was no way out, Shadow was mine. Fortunately, I had a lot of time to get used to this idea, because it was a very late autumn and the motorcycle was left in the garage where it was supposed to be during the winter. I wasto settle my financial debts to Witek, which I did with a heavy heart. Shadow, which was standing in Kanie, began to distract my psyche. First, I started to read some motorbike magazines. Fortunately, I found support in my daughter, who was interested in the subject as well, and so looking through the magazines and going to different fairs we completed our motorcycle gear and were ready to pick up my beauty from the garage. I write beauty, because all the winter spent in the atmosphere of motorcycles, although mostly virtual, made me really into the subject. I could not wait to receive my new purchase.

Finally, the awaited spring arrived. I packed all the equipment I bought and set off east with a precise plan. The plan was simple. I have three kilometres to the main road from Chełm to Lublin. That's enough for me to learn to ride. Next to Lodz I have about 300 km so I will manage somehow. I did not have a motorbike license, which was constantly on my mind. I'm not meticulous. After spending the night at the Regional Lodge near Lublin, this time I did not drink, I ate breakfast, got dressed in motorbike clothes and went to the garage. Honda was prepared for the road and shone in the morning sunshine. However, the first problem appeared - the gate. Although it was a normal entrance gate, it seemed to be very narrow then. I thought to myself: "If I do not make it through the gate then everyone will laugh that I f...d up." Never mind, I had to try. After lightly rubbing the bar I passed the gate and probably even tried to wave my team goodbye but not quite succeeded.

The first three kilometers went according to the plan. However, entering the regional road from Chełm to Lublin was not how I had planned. It was a bit rough. But I managed. Thirty kilometers to Lublin I was already feeling well enough that I started to think. Besides being the first time on a motorcycle without a driver's license, I had no license plate. The sight of the passing police cars made me realize that I was a little bit crazy and headed for the first workshop. By accident, I went to a HD workshop. I do not have to add that I went there as an "old" biker with 30km of experience and asked the guys to fix my ride. It was Saturday and the workshop was closed but here I first met with motorcycling solidarity. The guys went out and borrowed some tools and handled the case in five minutes. Now I was able to go to Łódź to boast in front of my daughter. I do not have to add that my daughter was delighted with both the motorcycle and her daddy's new image.

From Łódź I went to Rybnik where I live, and since I still had an important meeting in Ostrava I decided not to go by car. My Czech partner was very surprised but today no one is surprised anymore. People are rather surprised when they see me in my car. So, I had been riding a motorbike for almost 700 km the first time, and that's what I have been doing till today. I cannot imagine my life without this passion. I would not know many beautiful places, I would not survive many beautiful moments, I would not know many wonderful people. I have already driven 100 000 kilometers and it all thanks to a small coincidence that took place in Kanie.

P.S. In 2007, I did my motorcycle driving course. So for clarity, I do not recommend anyone to drive without this document. On the other hand, I recommend driving a motorbike to everyone.